Can I walk instead of run?
Yes! This is not a timed event and we welcome all walkers and non-runners.

Is there a cut-off time?
Since this is not a timed event, there are no specific time limits however, the roads will reopen after 90 minutes and clean-up will begin

Can we bring strollers and/or baby joggers?
Sure! We just ask that you start toward the back so as not to impede the other runners.

Are kids welcome? And do we have to pay for them?
Yes! Kids are welcome. If they want to be a character and get a shirt, you do have to pay for them.  Pricing is age based so they less expensive than the big kids!

Are headphones allowed?
Yes. Please be mindful of those around you and be able to hear any emergency announcements.

Are dogs allowed?
Sure! Just please make sure they are okay in large crazy fun crowds and don’t get in the way of other runners.

Can I sign up the day of?
We don’t know yet. Please watch the website and Facebook page for updates. If you want to be sure to get your character of choice, sign up early!

Are there paper registration forms?
No. Please sign up via our registration page so we have accurate data for you.

I changed my mind and want to be a different character!
That’s okay! Just go back into your registration and change your character. You can also change your shirt size there too.